Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'd like to dedicate a page on embroidery and talk to you about my second love. When I am tired of holding a hook, I just switch to another art form - embroidery. The Internet world has no dearth of designs and pictures, methods and instructions on different kinds of embroidery stitches. Some I had learned as a child and some I learned from the World Wide Web. My curiosity never decreases. My excitement is just the same now as it would have been when I was in my teens. 

Here are some pictures of my favourite creations:

Dark Waters
These were all from the Anchor Stitch Kit ranges. Then I had a sudden brainwave! What if I could buy the matty cloth, trace or draw a picture on it and stitch it in the same way as the above kits?! Would it show up the difference? Would it be any different? Here are a couple of pictures of my own:
Cherries in the garden
I am planning to put up a couple of instructions/step-by-step procedures of the various easy embroidery stitches... Hopefully, they will materialize here soon!

Till then, keep smiling!

Me xxx


  1. Ever green Mou. Fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Babu :) For all your encouragement!