Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet Applique

I won a gift voucher for participating in a contest on the local radio station. With the amount, I could shop at one of the best upholstery stores in the city. And I bought some beautiful cushion covers - some in silk and some in semi-silk. 

I was fiddling around with my newly acquired yarn and came up with my all time shell doily! I had made the shell stitch coaster before and this was a slightly bigger version. Its tough to keep up to the shape and keep it increasing row after row. I finally stopped when it reached the edges of the cushion cover. Have a look:

My favourite pink and red crochet appliqué work! I'm yet to figure out if I'd like to stitch it up completely or use push buttons so that I could remove it if i needed to wash the cushion cover... Ahem... a little thought needs to go for this... will write an update soon... 

Me xxx

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